Thursday, December 31, 2009

Soulmates Director's Blog-Miracle of Being Alive on New Year!

Hi All!

It's New Year's EVE! and we're all about to start a new year - this past year has been challenging - and what's really important for me is to keep on the radar screen is to chill! I'm living in a state of grace . I'm so fortunate to have what the most precious gift of all - the miracle of being alive.
The Soulmates movie cherishes life, and love, and the enormous capacity of human beings to reinvent who they are, as an opportunity to have the experience of being really alive!
Here's what Millie, the real person the movie's based on says - she had the courage to go for her dreams and now is really living a full, inspiring, and satisfying life:

"Watching the movie, I realized how incredibly fortunate my life has been. The extraordinary circumstances leading up to and including my transition gave me freedom, purpose and a new life full of love and happiness that I had never known before. I am hoping that people seeing the movie will then give themselves permission to just be who they are, no more and no less. That would be enough for me."

Love you all out there in cyberspace, go for your dreams on the New Year!

Joan, Soulmates Director

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