Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sword Play

Before I forget:
SOULMATES Screening is Feb. 21, 2010, 7:30pm at the Avalon in Washington, DC. Tickets can be purchased online at
IMPORTANT!!! Bring the receipt to the theatre.
Also, check and type Soulmates Movie into the Search Engine for Movie Clips.

Now on to the Blog:

We've all heard the "Dumb Blonde" jokes, and yes, laughed at them. Millie herself likes to pretend to be the "dumb blonde" sometimes, but you will be fooled at your own risk. She can handle any number of firearms(keep that in mind while watching the movie), race her souped car, and do any number of electrical marvels, particularly those involving sound, all without turning one of her long tresses. She also handles swords like she was transported from the Middle Ages; I pity the knight who thinks she is either: a) a damsel in distress, or b) a wench ripe for the taking, or c) Just plain easy to take down with a sword.

Millie would have slain the dragon, cleaned her sword, resheathed it, and stolen the knave's horse before he could have gotten his weapon out of the scabbard. She also would have beheaded the unlucky knight in the process if he had tried anything on her.

Speaking of swords, at the wedding of myself and my partner, Millie incorporated the use of one lethal looking sword in the ceremony, at which she officiated. Later Millie recounted, when my aunt inquired about it, Millie believed she traumatized the poor woman for life by demonstrating a sword move uncomfortably close in proximity. My aunt, to her credit, never actually mentioned the incident to me, and appears to have recovered her composure. At least, we think so, since we still get Christmas Cards from her.

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