Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Life after the Movie

My partner's mother recently watched "Soulmates", and her first questions, in all seriousness, were:
a) Were the events accurate
b) Were they as "dark" as they appeared

I told her that, like in any movie, details must be altered for continuity, effect, privacy of real-life persons portrayed, economics, etc., but that the movie is essentially accurate. Hence, the darkness of these events was accurate. Without giving away anything, the wrenching experience of someone struggling with his/her identity, is by definition, "dark".

A few months back, Millie told me and my partner about her real-life ex-spouse, whom I'll call "Sara", and about when "Sara" told Millie that she was engaged. "Sara" asked Millie how she felt about her remarrying, and Millie replied with another question: "Does he love you?" and, according to Millie, "Sara" answered, "He worships the ground I walk on." Millie said that that settled it, and told her to go for it.

Millie once said that, when she had a conversation long ago with "Sara", if given the choice of the one person she could keep in her life, she would choose "Sara". Millie didn't clarify if this topic came up before or after transition, but our assumption was that it was afterwards.

Millie knows and loves a lot of people, but "Sara" must be something else entirely.

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