Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Soulmates Director's Blog -Want to Connect!!

Hi Everyone out there in Cyberspace! I REALLY want to connect to you - and would like you to see our Soulmates movie - it will inspire you - I made it because I was inspired by the really person the movie's about - she's amazing - and I wanted other people to know that anything's possible when you set your mind to what you want! to be true to who you really are - to have the courage to fulfill on your dreams - to take risks - even though you're scared - to be courageous and not give up and not stop - it's kinda like talking to you in cyberspace - I don't even know if you're out there - and I'm doing it anyway - because I want to connect to all of you who have dreams!
We will be starting on January 6 releasing scenes from the movie - and on February 21, 8pm, we will have the Washington, DC premiere of Soulmates at the Avalon theater in Washington, DC.
Please visit our website ! I will be blogging every Wednesday and Sunday nights - let's connect!! your Soulmates movie Director, Joan

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