Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why I'm Doing This

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I became involved with this project for two main reasons. First, I believe the movie has a message for those going through this transition process and for those supportive of these individuals. Those in opposition might find what they think is ammunition for their side, but that is another story.

Second, I enjoy the movie-making process. I periodically do "background" work(read "extra") for movies shooting in this area. Though that work involves a lot of " hurry up and wait", I feel I get an "up close and personal" glimpse of how the product on the screen gets there. Yes, once in a great while, I get to see a "star", but that is beside the point. I also occasionally hear stories about the production, its stars, etc., from other "extras" that I otherwise would never hear, and, I ask you, who is not tempted by that?

Speaking of stories, I also like to write, which is why I began this blog. People need to hear the stories that did not make it into the movie's final cut because no one will go see an eight-hour movie unless he/she feels compelled to do so. "Gone With The Wind" is a great movie, but anyone who has sat through it knows how long it lasts.

So, I write here my impressions, anecdotes, or what have you because I see this movie as a story worthy of being told to as many people as possible. In addition, I write these words to remind myself that these characters represent flesh-and-blood people who, with all their failings traveled through a wrenching emotional journey that lasted a hell of a longer time than the length of the movie.

What is more, I am lucky enough to actually know some of them.

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