Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soulmates Director's Blog

Hi everyone who's reading this - wow - this is my first real blog about the Soulmates movie - so I'm going to give you some background on why I did the movie - then in other blogs - I'll talk more about directing and making this movie - and what it took - especially the low budget part - and ALL the ups and down - and ALSO - more about Millie the real person this is based on - and everything I can AUTHENTICALLY TELL YOU about creating and directing this movie!!!

So-I made this movie because it was a story I thought had to be told! I got a phone call form someone I didn't know - "Millie" - now the real person in the movie - and she wanted advice on how to tell her boyfriend she used to be a man! I first of all had a little trouble getting my head around the concept, and had never given anyone advice like this before. We talked for about 4 hours! on how she was going to tell him so he wouldn't leave her or kill her - (really that could and does happen) - so we came up with an approach - about the American Indian (Millie is part Cherokee) and having two souls - on a woman - and one a man - and then saying this wasn't just a theory - but was her! She then had the courage to go and talk to her boyfriend, and she called me back on New Year's day and said - she did it! and he didn't leave - now this is a key scene int he movie!

So after talking to Millie for about 6 months - I decided this had to be made into a movie - why - because I deeply felt this story had to be told - one of profound integrity of someone fulfilling on who they are despite enormous circumstances and difficult odds, it was a moving and inspiring love story, and also a person of enormous courage and inner strength!

So I started wring an outline for the screenplay! more later on how we got this movie done!

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