Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Soulmates Movie Director's Blog

Hi all out there in cyberspace - I'm very excited because we just uploaded our first video clip of and entire scene from the Soulmates movie!! it really was a creative collaboration - with my drawings as the original template for Richard Harrington (Rhed Pixel) working these up into an Apple Motion program to make this intro to the movie - it won a Telly Award finalist - and the graphics are an expression of the 5 stages of the main character, Marylou's transformation. The graphics go from hard driving black and white images with strident music, to softer slower moving images with emotionally inspiring music. The trajectory of Marylou's like went from dark self destruction to a life of flourishing and fulfillment. Here is the link:
Enjoy these scenes - we will be releasing 2 per week - one on Wednesday evening, the other on Sunday evening. Yo will be able to see (for free) many many scenes from the movie over the next few months.
Please link in so I can talk to you out there.
Best Joan (Soulmates Movie Director)

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