Thursday, January 28, 2010

Soulmates Director's Blog!!

Hi All: What will you do for love???

We just uploaded another video scene from the movie on the Soulmates website: www/ In this scene Eddie goes back to drinking, to drown himself in oblivion so he doesn't have to confront dealing with his sexuality. And drinking will kill him. It almost did once already. We all do this kind of thing. Get confronted by life, and instead of dealing head on, take a side bar to avoid the risk that life it. And often the side bar is not so safe eiher. in the case of Eddie in this story, it is a path to potential destruction.

To film this scene, I wanted to create the experience of vertigo, so we took the fairly sizable Panasonic HD camera handheld at all kinds of oblique angles, from very low down looking up into Eddie's face, an aerial view from above with the Direstor of Photography balancing on top of the copuch, and also spinning the camera around, as an expression of Eddie's POV of the reeling and spinning in Eddie's drunken head.

This movie is a gutsy and riveting view of a man and his wife taking on huge challenges in life, and dealing with them in a very human and extraordinary way. New scenes will be uploaded every Sunday and Wednesday night - keep visiting to find out what 2 people will do for love!

Joan Sugerman, Soulmates Producer, Director

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