Thursday, February 18, 2010

Soulmates Movie Director's Blog!

Hi All: come to our WDC premiere in THREE days - Sunday night - Feb. 21 at the Avalon Theater - 8:00pm!

One of the most challenging scenes of the movie - both dramatically and production wise was just uploaded on the website. It take s[place on a seedy street in Silver Spring, and it snowed that night - for real. This made it very tough for the production because we has to do a lot under umbrellas! but it made the scene very realistic! Eddie is caught by some red neck guys and a pistol is shoved down his throat - and a homeless man comes to his rescue, sort of! It's a very intense scene and something that really happened to a the real life person when he was going through his transition and pissed a lot of people off. During the production a real homeless guy walled right into the scene while we were filming to make friends with the actor homeless man who the real homeless man thought was also a real homeless man. the actor who played the homeless man, David Marks, an extraordinary character actor, i found out recently passed away in June of thes past year, and that make me so very sad. he was fabulous, full of life, and had a really big heart. so very sad.

Enjoy this scene, and come to the WDC premiere Sunday night!

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