Thursday, February 11, 2010

Soulmates Movie Director's Blog

Soulmates -Winner Best of Festival at the Berkeley Film Festival!!

Valentines Day is this weekend! and Soulmates is a movie about love!
a true story about the transformation of the relationship between two people who overcome extraordinary circumstances to maintain their love, of two souls inextricably bound. For them, integrity is fulfilling on who they are, two people profoundly expressed in their love! The struggle for integrity is what inspired me to do this movie - the courage to be who they are - who they say they are - and to fulfill on their dreams!
The scene from the movie we just posted on the website ( is a love scene between Eddie and his wife Sandy, except that he no longer looks like a 'husband" because he's about to have a sex change operation and this is the last time they will ever make love together the traditional way! It's a very emotional scene, beautiful, tender and very intense.
When we filmed it, the actors were quite uncomfortable doing the scene, but, with a bit of 'encouragement' broke through their resistance and became incredibly vulnerable. Directing these actors took getting into their hearts, minds and fears, all as an an access to a breakthrough in their self expression, and then of course, the dramatic expression of the movie.
This movie is a total self expression for me, my second feature film, after producing and directing many award winning documentaries, and is the start of many pictures to come, which for me is a fulfillment of my dreams.
Please visit the website, especially see the trailers and uploaded love scene, and also click onto the "director's site" about the making of this movie,. And of course come to the WDC premiere, Feb. 21, 8:00pm at the Avalon Theater on Connecticut Avenue, plus the party afterwards! We'll be interviewing people coming out of the theater to post comments on the internet!
Such fun writing this blog to all of you!
Joan Sugerman, Soulmates Producer, Writer, Director

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