Monday, February 1, 2010

Soulmates Director's Blog

Hi Everyone out there is the Blogosphere!

We just uploaded my favorite scene form the Soulmates movie! A magical scene of rock music, amazing costumes, wild dancing, and transformation! it is the Halloween Ball. At Halloween,

The veil between the earth and the spiritual realm is very this night- and there is the opportunity for extraordinary awakening, insights, experience and transformation. Eddie gets invited to a huge dance and rock party on Halloween of all kinds of people, including the whole "trans" community. One this night Eddie is transformed! and by the end of the night, through the music, the dancing, the spirit realm ascend on Eddie, he is transfixed, and enters into a new realm, that of "MaryLou!!"

From the production and director's point of view, this was a close to imposable scene to pull of, because of it's scope and scale and sheer numbers of people, as well as being in a very fancy and potentially expensive rock club. We negotiated with Nation's Club in Washington, Dc and got an unbelievably low rate, that included the sound engineer and their 'fog' machines. We advertised in the paper for people to come and be filmed and get a sandwich to eat, and hundreds came. We had 4 make up and costume people getting everyone ready. We rehearsed the scene at my house for days, making sure that we know what we were doing before being there that day. We had 12 hours to do everything, including another scene. The camerman hand held many of the shots, using a version of a steadycam, to get the feel of the dancing, the music, and spiritual swirl overcoming Eddie. People started to leave too early, so we had to keep reconfiguring our shots. All in all it was an amazing shoot, and edit. And Jason Teach, the rock musician who did all our songs,, wrote and rewrote the demos for this scene many many times before we had the wild and transformational feel for the scene that we needed. We kept intending to make the impossible happene, and we did!

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