Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Soulmates Movie Director's Blog

Hi All!

The Washington, DC Premiere of Soulmates is 6 days from today! this coming Sunday night at 8:00pm, Feb. 21 at the Avalon Theater #1 on Connecticut Avenue! Please come! We've uploaded on the website (http://www.soulmatesmovie.com/) an intense scene where Sandy, passionate about thier relationship, tells Eddie that it's really not okay with her that he is "MaryLou!" who is MaryLou - certainly not anyone she is interested in even though Eddie now says he IS MaryLou. You can imagine that must be just a little upsetting to a wife! Then Eddie asks Sandy to help him connect Eddie, her husband, to the new MaryLou. Wow! Relationships are challenging, and often there are obstacles and issues to deal with, but this is a level of challenge that very few confront. Eddie and Sandy deal with this dramatically, intensely, emotionally and powerfully through the course of the movie!

For this scene, we were at a neighbor's house, and the biggest challenge was daylight. The scene takes place in front of a large window, and we used daylight as part of the light source, which was risky and challenging. Of course the light changed throughout the course of the day, the scene, very long and dramatic, took us more time to video than anticipated. So of course by 3:30 or 4:00pm we had little light from the external source. Fortunately, the Panasonic HD camera is so effective and sensitive that we were able to match the light by adjusting the camera and the artificial lights so little had to be adjusted in post production. It's truly amazing how much flexibility there is shooting in HD!

Come see the movie or buy the DVD on the website. This picture will blow you away! It is truly difference making, a game changer for relationships!

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