Monday, March 8, 2010

Soulmayes Director's Blog

Hi All: We had an awesome premiere of Soulmates in Washington DC at the Avalon Theater. We decided at the last minute to move from the 150 seat theater to the 450 seat theater, thinking we would get a little over 150 people and we didn't want to turn anyone away. We had to install another DVD projector because the one in the theater was on the blink. We found a projector and did that on the Saturday before the Sunday screening! Millie, the real person in the movie, arrived in a limo, people started to pour in, and we almost filled the entire 450 seat theater!! What an awesome experience - sharing this movie with so many who I knew and didn't know, sitting there while people were glued to the screen, (my boyfriend said he was as riveted from beginning to end as he was to when he saw "Jaws!" And I renewed (an increased) my confidence that I could make a movie that really had an impact. What a great experience. Millie said "this was the best night of her entire life" and we interviewed a whole bunch of people which we'll post on the website. And then of course we had a jammed party afterwards! I feel fulfilled!
We just posted a scene from the movie where MaryLou has to be a high end hooker to earn money for her operation. The scenes really happened in Millie's life, and it is intense and difficult to see what she had to go through. Please see it at! And I'll keep blogging.
You Soulmates Director, Joan!

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